Friday, October 9, 2020

Who wants to be you?

Be Yourself.

Throughout life, you were told to be yourself and no one else. That you are unique. Why then would you create a business that is a replica of another?

Look at your business the way you look at how unique you are. Put your heart and soul into your business. Let us feel it oozing out of the deepest recesses of your operations to your frontline to us. Transfer that feeling to us. Sure, be inspired by other more successful business people but have your own spin. All else being equal when it comes to who to work with; you can almost bet the client is choosing the company they can connect with the most.

We have had our website copy stating “Our Don’ts” namely, “We don’t pitch, we are not an assembly line and we don’t do cheap” being copied by business associates and competitors. We think the way we said it and perhaps the gall of us to say it is pretty unique. We didn’t do anything. We let them be because we are sure they won’t be able to live it.

Our copy aren't just words. They are how we run our business. Our unique spin. We live it daily. When clients engage us, those words come alive. They are no longer word counts. They are words that count.

Be yourself. Let it come through in the company you founded. There is only one you.

What is in your soul?

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