Thursday, October 15, 2020

Who should you serve?

Serve your core. Be perfect for them.

Who are your core consumers or clients? Who is your largest group of loyal customers? Being an SME, chances are you want to do everything for everyone. 

You probably live with the mantra of “Fake it till you make it.” There is a time and place for this saying, just as there is a time and place for every saying and mantra out there. The time not to practice this mantra is when your biggest client asks you if you provide a certain service that you don’t. 

Don’t pretend that you do. Don’t think that you can scale, upskill, and employ to serve this client. And think that you can then sell this service to other clients later. 

All these go back to your company's expertise. What are you truly good at? What service is this client requesting? Does it even remotely orbit within your circle of experience and expertise? What are the opportunity costs? You already know these. But we can tell you, each time your biggest client suggests you provide that service for them, and it is additional money to make, you will entertain that idea seriously. Well, think seriously the next time it happens. Will you be excellent at it? Is it part of the grander plan for your company? Otherwise, it won’t work. You won’t be good at it. And you will be stuck.

What do you deserve?

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