Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Do you need a break?

Help someone new.

We all need a break. Help someone get their break. Fresh graduates, people with good resumes. Pass along a business you can’t handle. Refer businesses to others all the time. Point people in the right direction. Heck, go a step further to connect them so they don’t need to make that cold call, even if you said you could mention your name.

Passing good resumes along to friends in the industry is one of the easiest things to do. You aren’t just helping a fresh graduate, but you are helping someone in the industry get someone good. Your industry needs to have a good, healthy pool of people. Learn to keep good people in the loop. 

When you learn to give your time and effort to someone in need, one day someone will give you their time and effort when you need it. Nature’s just like that. Ok, God is just like that. Ok, karma is just like that. Take your pick. You do good, you get good. 

The business world can be as kind as we want it to be. It starts with you and everyone that you touch with your kindness.

Will they thank you?

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