Thursday, February 29, 2024

Is it the truth?

Most people argue that because they have experienced a certain way or seen certain aspects of things, it makes it the truth. But that’s just their truth. It is not the universal truth. Just think of the blind men and the elephant story. Each experiences the elephant differently and describes it their way. It’s their truth but that does not make it the universal truth.

Open up your mind even though your experience may not tell you so.

What is the universal truth?

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

You wanna know how ads work?

It works by making your brand easy to remember and having less barriers to buying because it creates positive feelings and associations with your brand. This increases the chance of people choosing your brand. Here Les Binet, the guru of advertising effectiveness, explains it: How advertising REALLY works

Here’s a screen shot of how advertising really works.

Are your ads working?

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

What is growth?

As an entrepreneur, you need to define what is growth to you early. If you believe in the traditional definition of growth, you will have to scale like most traditional businesses. Growth can be more than just increasing number of employees, increase revenue, increasing profit and increasing everything else. You don’t want to end up chasing things you start to question later. Define what is growth to you early. That’s your personal vision that will keep you centered.

How will you grow?

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Monday, February 26, 2024

Who did you meet today?

Spending time with your own thoughts is one of those things that you should do. The frequency of it, I'll leave it totally to you. But perhaps once a year is the minimum and once a month is probably too much in my opinion. So somewhere between once a month and a year.

It’s one of the scariest things to do because you will have to confront the clutter that you have gathered from since forever. You will have to come head on with your lies. You will have to get into collision with your doubts. And even face the brutal truth that you aren’t chasing the right things or even haven’t done things right.

Scary as it maybe, it’s the one uncomfortable appointment you should set for yourself.

Did you have a deep discussion?

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Friday, February 23, 2024

How do you keep sane?

One of the significant challenges entrepreneurs face is the paralysis brought on by uncertainty and the weight of their decisions. When you lose your confidence, you lose precious time that could be spent thinking and executing.

Maintaining a sense of optimism and guarding your confidence is a crucial overarching strategy. One way is to write down every challenge, big and small, that you have overcome. Like keeping a journal. When your confidence starts to waver, read all the challenges you have overcome. Or like me, watch Dicky Fox on YouTube. Obviously, it shouldn't be the sole strategy in your arsenal, but it’s important to have a system you can rely on.

When you're engulfed in feelings of defeat or self-pity, operating at your peak is impossible. I've experienced this firsthand. Ensuring that your spirits remain uplifted and your mindset is constructive goes beyond mere positivity—it has a tangible, positive effect on your venture.

How do you guard your confidence?

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Thursday, February 22, 2024

How many fans do you have?

If you are a nano brand or a micro brand - personal or managing one. Here is something to think about. I have always been a fan of Kevin Kelly’s but recently heard about 100 True Fans from my friend Ling Yah (follow her podcast here: So This Is My Why).

Essentially, "100 True Fans," an influential essay by Li Jin, co-founder of Variant Fund, builds upon Kevin Kelly's seminal "1,000 True Fans" theory, adapting it for the digital creator economy. Kelly's original concept posited that artists could sustain themselves with 1,000 fans willing to spend a significant amount each year. Jin's iteration posits that, in today's digital landscape, creators can achieve sustainability with even fewer—just 100 highly dedicated fans—thanks to platforms that facilitate deeper, direct relationships and various monetization strategies.

Jin emphasizes the power of the internet in lowering the barriers for content creation, distribution, and monetization, allowing creators to offer more personalized, exclusive experiences or products. This model not only reduces the need for a large audience but also enhances the quality of creator-fan interactions, making it feasible for creators to earn a living with a smaller base of committed supporters. By leveraging tools like subscription services, personalized merchandise, and one-on-one engagements, creators can cultivate a more intimate community, where fans are willing to pay more for exclusive access or content.

"100 True Fans" suggests a shift towards niche markets and personalized content, highlighting a sustainable path for independent creators in the digital age by focusing on depth rather than breadth in their audience relationships. This can work for your brand.

How true are they?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Which do you let die?

The concept of triage, deriving from the French word "trier" meaning to sort, was developed in the early 19th century by Dominique Jean Larrey, a surgeon in Napoleon's army. Initially conceived to manage battlefield casualties during the Napoleonic Wars, triage was a revolutionary method designed to prioritize wounded soldiers for treatment based on the severity of their injuries rather than their rank or nationality. This approach aimed to maximize survival rates by efficiently allocating medical resources and personnel to those in urgent need, those who could wait, and those beyond help.

Over the years, the principles of triage have been adapted for civilian use, extending into emergency services, hospitals, disaster response, and public health crises. It has become a crucial practice in emergency and disaster medicine, focusing on the optimal use of limited resources to save as many lives as possible.

Triage systems and models vary across different settings, but the core objective remains the same: prioritizing care to address the most critical needs first, ensuring that treatment is given to those who benefit most in situations where the demand for medical care exceeds the available resources.

Your total to-do list in your personal and professional life needs to be triage.

Which do you save?

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

What are your KPIs?

In the world of business strategy and performance management, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are two pivotal tools that help organizations measure success. Though often mentioned in the same breath, they serve distinct purposes and offer unique insights into organizational performance and progress.

KPIs: Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the success of an organization, employee, or specific process in meeting objectives for performance. Essentially, KPIs are metrics that tell you how well you are doing against your operational goals. They are ongoing, with a focus on critical success factors for the business. For example, a company might track KPIs like monthly sales growth, customer retention rates, or production costs.

OKRs: Objectives and Key Results, on the other hand, are a goal-setting framework that helps companies define goals (objectives) and then track the outcome (key results). OKRs are typically set at the company, team, and individual levels and are used to measure progress towards ambitious goals. They encourage setting challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results, fostering engagement and alignment across the organization. An example of an OKR might be to "Increase brand awareness by 25% (Objective) through social media engagement and advertising campaigns (Key Results)."

While KPIs are more about measuring performance against ongoing operations, OKRs are about setting and achieving specific goals. Both are crucial for strategic planning and operational efficiency but are utilized differently within the organization to drive performance and achieve success.

There is no which is better. They are different. Each with a function of its own. KPIs are more suited for measuring and managing performance. OKRs are more suited for measuring and managing progress.

What are your OKRs?

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Monday, February 19, 2024

What do you want to be known for?

If you focus all your strength on the front two knuckles when you punch, you will get you a lot more force when you make contact.

It’s the same with your brand. Choose one strength to focus on and keep repeating that strength to your target market. Choosing too many strengths will make people miss what you want to stand for. Choosing too many strengths is like not having any. You become everything to everyone.

Bill Bernbach famously said, “If you stand for something, you will always find some people for you and some people against you. If you stand for nothing, you will find nobody against you, and nobody for you.”

Now can you choose one?

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Friday, February 16, 2024

What will help you grow?

Focusing on aspects like categories, brands, and variants that have been driving your company growth is a smart way of allocating resources and investments within the portfolio management. It emphasizes the identifying of activities that can enhance and expand the core's development. Something many companies forget in the pursuit of growth.

Where is your core? 

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Who’s really the target?

The reality is that your brand may need to communicate with 3 to 4 target markets assuming you have the budget for it. For the sake of discussion, your game console user may be an 8 year old, the decision maker may actually be mommy, the buyer may be daddy, and the influencer may be the 12 year old brother.

Choose your target well and communicate wisely.

Who should you talk to? 

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Did you inform them?

Your brand strategy is important enough that you invest behind it. But have you communicated what the brand is all about to your employees? From the shop floor to the transporters to the packers and the receptionist. Make sure everyone knows about your brand and its messages. So they do not go around telling people things you don’t want them to say. After all, they work for your company and whatever they say about your company, people will likely believe.

Do they understand?

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Do you want to know?

When friends and relatives gather, there will always be questions for the subject matter expert within the group. Whether they are legal questions for the lawyer or the medical questions for the doctor. Inevitably though, there will be someone who is not the expert that will challenge whatever answer that is given. Makes you wonder if people can distinguish their lay person opinion with that of an expert?

Ask to clarify or to learn, it opens a door to better knowledge.

Do you prefer to challenge? 

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Friday, February 9, 2024

What did you learn from The Sage?

Charlie Munger
, the venerable sage of the investing world, has imparted timeless wisdom that transcends finance, touching upon the core principles of life and success. His insights offer a roadmap for anyone seeking to enrich their lives and careers. Here, we delve into five pivotal quotes from Munger, unraveling the profound lessons they hold.

The Power of Simplicity: Munger's adage, "Take a simple idea and take it seriously," underscores the potency of simplicity in a world cluttered with complexity. Simple ideas, when pursued with depth and focus, can lead to breakthroughs and enduring success. This principle encourages us to look for elegance in simplicity, whether in problem-solving, business strategies, or personal goals.

Sharing Knowledge: "The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more." This quote speaks to the transformative power of sharing knowledge. In a society that thrives on information and continuous learning, contributing to someone's understanding is a gift of immense value. It fosters a culture of growth, collaboration, and collective wisdom.

Lifelong Learning: Munger champions the ethos of perpetual learning with, "Develop into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading; cultivate curiosity and strive to become a little wiser every day." This mantra is a reminder that personal and professional development is a never-ending journey. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

Strategic Adaptation: "In the world of business, the ability to adapt is essential. Successful people recognize change as an opportunity, not a threat." Munger highlights the critical importance of adaptability in navigating the ever-changing business landscape. Embracing change with a positive mindset can unveil new pathways to success and innovation.

Value of Patience: Munger teaches us, "Patience is not just a virtue; it's a strategy. Success often requires waiting for the right moment to act." In an era of instant gratification, this principle serves as a poignant reminder of the strategic value of patience. Timing, often overlooked, is crucial in decision-making and can dramatically influence the outcome of our endeavors.

I know I said five…here is a bonus.

Embracing Challenges: Lastly, Munger advises to "Face challenges with enthusiasm. Success is often found on the other side of adversity." This quote encourages us to meet obstacles with a positive spirit, understanding that overcoming adversity is a stepping stone to greater achievements.

Charlie Munger's wisdom illuminates the path to personal and professional excellence. By embracing simplicity, sharing knowledge, committing to lifelong learning, adapting strategically, valuing patience, and tackling challenges head-on, we can navigate the complexities of life with confidence and purpose.

Did he share enough knowledge with you?

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Are you going beyond the logo?

In a world quick to equate brands with their logos, a deeper understanding unfolds; a brand embodies the essence people associate with a company, product, service, or individual. It's a common misconception leading many to focus solely on visual identity, overlooking the strategic depth required to truly make a mark.

Misconceptions and Consequences: Focusing narrowly on logos rather than the broader brand strategy leads to several pitfalls: disengaged employees, confusing messages, misaligned assets, and ultimately, lost revenue. These symptoms of a superficial approach to branding underscore the necessity of a more comprehensive strategy.

The Essence of a Brand: A brand is not just a mark but the meaning attached to it. It's about every action taken to shape this meaning, grounded in a coherent strategy that precedes execution. Branding is an active process of influence, molding perceptions and relationships with your audience.

Strategic Foundations of Brand Building: A robust brand strategy is foundational, built on vision, mission, and purpose. It encompasses clear positioning; the 3Cs of positioning – company, competitor and consumer, perceptual mapping, and a well-structured brand architecture. These elements work in concert to create a resonant, enduring brand identity.

Execution and Impact: With a strategic blueprint in hand, the journey of brand building can truly begin. It's an endeavor that goes beyond visual identity to touch every aspect of interaction with your audience, aiming to fulfill the potential inherent in your vision.

Building a brand transcends designing a logo; it's a comprehensive strategy that infuses every action with intention. By focusing on the deeper aspects of branding, you can create a meaningful, lasting impact. Fulfill your brand's potential by embracing the full spectrum of strategic branding.

Are you crafting a brand that leaves a mark? 

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Do you have infinite time?

In the quest for peak productivity, the secret lies not in pushing harder but in leveraging smarter strategies. Imagine transforming your approach to tasks with a cheat sheet designed to revolutionize your day. Embrace techniques like the Pomodoro Technique for focused sprints, the strategic clarity of the Eisenhower Matrix, and the motivational Seinfeld Strategy to maintain consistency. It’s about mastering time with tools that champion efficiency and clarity. As we navigate through tasks with these proven methods, we embody the wisdom that our time is our most precious resource. It's time to shift from being task-driven to being masterfully in control. Let this guide be your ally in not just managing your to-do list but in owning your day with unmatched productivity.

Do you have infinite priorities?

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Are you transforming your business?

transcends titles and the conventional understanding of power. It is an art honed through practice, a journey from novice to mastery, where skills in leading, inspiring, managing, and culture-building are meticulously developed. At its core, leadership thrives on empathy, decision-making inclusiveness, and a culture of transparency and honesty. It's about harnessing emotional intelligence and resilience to steer teams with wisdom. This is your guide to evolve into an influential leader—one who guides with care, transforms the workplace, and perhaps, changes the world. Start with small steps, dream without limits. Lead with passion, lead with action. Your transformative journey begins now. Embrace the role of a changemaker. Lead the way.

Are you transforming lives?

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Monday, February 5, 2024

How are you steering?

Mastering the art of setting priorities is not just about managing your to-do list; it’s about steering your life's direction with purpose and precision. It’s understanding the delicate balance between ambition and capability, recognizing that saying 'yes' to everything may steer you off course. 

Prioritizing is an empowering skill—it’s acknowledging your limits and focusing your energy on what moves the needle towards your aspirations. It's not your starting point that defines you, but the clarity and determination with which you chart your course forward. Discerning the essential from the expendable in your pursuit of success is one of the secret ingredients.

Where are you going?

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Friday, February 2, 2024

What stories do they like?

Social media offers unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with their audience on a more personal level. Authenticity on these platforms can significantly enhance brand loyalty and customer engagement. This means moving beyond promotional content to share stories, values, and experiences that resonate with the audience. People don't buy brands. They buy stories that they resonate with.

Are they even listening?

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Thursday, February 1, 2024

How’s the engine running?

In the pursuit of career goals, it's easy to overlook the importance of personal well-being. Sustainable success requires a balance between ambition and mental health. Ignoring one for the other can lead to burnout and diminished productivity. It’s essential to set boundaries, prioritize self-care, and recognize when to take a step back. Chase your dreams but make sure you rest. You are no good to yourself when you crack internally. 
Rest is a form of advancement.

Is it maintenance-free?

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