Monday, October 5, 2020

Did you win big?

Don’t underestimate small wins and small accounts because big wins and big accounts don’t come often. 

If you keep focusing on that big whatever, sooner or later you will be burned out. Getting a big account is exhilarating. Who doesn’t covet a big contract? But big contracts are marathons. It takes time to plan. It takes time to execute. It takes time to wait it out. It takes time for the opportunity to arrive, follow up and close. 

Sprint sometimes. Get the small accounts, the mid-sized accounts you can secure in the short run. These can be celebrated often and they keep your company going. They keep your company going monetarily and motivationally. These keep the momentum for the marathon when it appears. 

We are humans. We need to see results now and then, no matter how small. Don’t focus too much on the big stuff that you lose sight of the smaller stuff. A bunch of small and mid-sized accounts also means you rely less on the big account that will hold you by the balls. 

Your destiny should be in your hands. Not someone else’s.

Do you love tiny victories?

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