Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Do you know your enemy?

Forget Sun Tzu, for now.

You know that adage, know your enemy and know yourself, and you will win in a thousand battles? Yeah, that one. 

Well, Sun Tzu told me in a dream; if you believe me. He said the problem with most people is that they focus too much on one side of the equation. They focus on the enemy too much that they lose sight of knowing themselves. They spend so much time obsessing over the competitors they forget to concentrate on themselves. 

We have so many competitors in our category that we don’t really care. Don’t ask us what they offer and how much they charge. We don’t know and we don’t care. Really. Is this the best way to run your business? Well, no. For now.

It has worked because we focus on being the best we can be for our prospects and clients. We do our best by being unique. We have a small audience we dance for, and we craft our dance for them. If our competitors want to do a striptease to seduce our clients, that’s up to them.

Remember, focus on yourself. For now.

When you are strong, nimble, and able. Then, we can look at the main competitors.

Do you truly know yourself?

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