Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Should we stop seeing each other for a while?

It’s not you. It’s me.

Don’t be afraid of losing some business. We remember very clearly each major account we lost. Either out of our own conscious decision to part with the client or the client decided that we were not the right consultancy for them. Each break-up is painful whether we made the decision or the client made the decision. Each time, there is anxiety. After all, it is a major account. 

Interestingly, each time this happened we became better. We got better at managing our business, we became leaner and meaner. Ready to hunt more effectively and efficiently. We got stronger too. One day, a very wise SME owner told us, “The more turmoil you face, the faster you will learn, the more challenges that you overcome, the bigger you will grow.” Perhaps, this is an entrepreneur’s growing pain. 

That night we heard the advice was like enlightenment to us. We no longer complain as much about challenges. Hey, we are still humans. Of course, we still complain, just less. We look back and it’s true. Each major account lost created turmoil. We went through the losses faster and we were able to handle it better. We became stronger and other accounts grew as well

There have been occasions where we would find a calm and collected manner to part with some of our bigger clients. It hurts. But it needs to be done for the good of both parties. Sometimes we get thrown off too. Sure, it hurts. But if each break-up only makes you stronger, I suppose it is good pain that is to be embraced.

We like to say, “Let go and fly.”

Do you miss me?

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