Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is your philosophy?

Be it a personal philosophy, business philosophy or a brand philosophy. Ponder on that question. Because people want to do business with other people who have their own philosophy. I didn’t say this. Scott Ginsberg, The Nametag Guy said this. (Thank you, Scott Ginsberg.) It is your take of the world. It is your own uniqueness.

Scott would have called this “strategic serendipity.” Exactly 4 years ago today he entered in his blog “Behold! The Almighty Philosophy Card.”

Today, Roar Point officially launch our philosophy card. Here’s our Business Philosophy:

Philosophy keeps you grounded. It provides a compass. It becomes the principles of which you conduct yourself. In a world where we are overwhelmed by information, it allows you to reflect and gain wisdom. You take responsibility for your actions and you add depth into your work. It gives the work you do meaning. And it helps people relate to you and you to the world.

Have you written your brand philosophy yet?

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