Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Are you committing?

Remember we talked about having skin in the game? When you have that you will be forced to like the game. You don’t have a choice. Do or die. Sink or swim. You have heard that before.

Some business people like to think about how they can sell-off their business. How they can exit. They have five-year plans and 10-year plans. Good for them. Nothing wrong with that. We just hope their assumptions are robust enough to withstand the whims of the business world.

We didn’t have that kind of plan when we started. We only have one plan. Make sure we make money. Here’s the audacious part – have fun doing it even as we know the business world is a combustion of stress waiting to explode on us. But once we accept that business life is no different from the life we live – things arise, things decay, things decease. Then it gets easier. Simple to understand but hard to practice.

Do you want to exit?

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