Friday, October 2, 2020

How fast can you do it?

Offer your products at the right price and deliver them as promised.

We have a saying in the industry that between the options - good, fast, and cheap; you get to pick two. You want it good and fast? You can’t have it cheap. You want it fast and cheap? It can’t be that good. You want it good and cheap, then it can’t be fast. You get the idea.

While it is a joke and talked about often, embedded is a truth.

As an entrepreneur, you need to think about the product you are offering the market. Does what you offer makes sense? Of all the things that you say you are good at delivering, does it make sense? Can you truly deliver or are you just faking it? 

Once you know the right product to offer, then price it. Does it make sense to offer it at this price? Aim to make money without draining your time and energy. Two things that you can’t issue a purchase order to buy. Guard them selfishly.

What’s on offer today?

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