Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Are you creating more work for yourself?

If you get the details right the first time, there is no need to redo things. There is no need for someone to fix your mistake. Do it right the first time may sound tedious because the responsibility of looking into the detail rests with you. But it saves everyone time, sweat and anxiety including yours if you do not half-ass something and move it down the line. It is a lot more tiresome, exhausting and not to mention annoying trying to fix a mistake than to get it right the first time.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Are you looking at the right place?

It’s easy to blame the software and not the hardware. The software is screwed up, it has bugs.

It’s easy to blame the pedagogy and not the kid. The way they teach is wrong!

It’s easy to blame the trainer and not the company culture. That training didn’t work for the team.

It’s easy to blame the weather and not the way you trained. The weather is too humid; I didn’t clock my best time.

It’s easy to blame the budget, the ads, the execution, the deadline, the team and not how you have managed the whole project.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

What do you have to say?

You shouldn’t worry too much about where to say it, how to say it, how long should you say it and when you should say it. First of all, worry about what do you want to say? What is so different about your message that you can build a tribe with you. Does it resonate? Will it rally people to your cause? Is it that different?

The mediums are aplenty and airtime is in abundance. Admittedly, attention is short. But if you say the right thing, they will stand up for hours to listen to you.

What’s your brand message?

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

What if you crawled non-stop?

We are all too familiar with the story of the hare that went racing with the tortoise. One didn’t stop, slowly inching its way to the finishing line. The other sped and stopped.

Often times, marketers who want instant results forget about the need for the slow and steady. Slow and steady is a vulgar word in this insta-world. But let’s suppose I interest you in compounded interest. Let’s again suppose I convert the term “slow and steady” to “compounded interest.” You see, doing branding activities consistently over the long term is like regular savings in a bank with compounded interest. It may not be sexy, but it pays in the long run.

Assuming, your branding campaign recruits 10 users a week and each week is a compounded growth of merely 10%; at the end of the first month, you would have only 51 users. By the end of the second month only a measly 126 users, by the third month merely 235. But this figure grows to 15,541 at the end of a year based on a 10 user growth per week on 10% compounded growth per week. At this rate, by the end of two years, you would have 2,219,271 users!

Consistency over long periods always yields results.

Is your campaign paying dividends?

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What really matters?

“Before you study Zen, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers; while you are studying Zen, mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers; but once you had enlightenment mountains are once again mountains and rivers again rivers.” - Fritjof Capra in The Tao of Physics.

In reality, most things are like that. Marketing is as such too. There are only a few principles that matter. The wise would seek them, stick to them and master them. Don’t be distracted by fancy words and intelligent technologies. Eventually, they need to abide by the basic principles that govern market dynamics and human emotions.

What is the Way?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How open are you?

People like to say that they are very open. Because it makes us sound very objective. But look into your bookshelves and you will see you tend towards a certain genre and viewpoints. You read these books because you want them to validate your own views. You get uncomfortable when shown another book that takes a very different view from yours.

How often do you get into arguments with people who have not even read, experienced or researched into your field of expertise? Well, you are often these people too. Because while we say we are open, we aren’t. If you are open, you would research both sides of the views of fields you are passionate about; then take a position.

Sometimes, you fear to consider the other point of view because you would have to confront how little you know about your passionate topic. And because you know so little, you would be enticed to switch your point of view – that thought itself makes you uncomfortable. Changing your view makes you so uncomfortable so you dig in even more.

How many views have you considered?

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Have you seen her?

Procrastination comes in many disguises. Research, revisions, perfection, readiness, steadiness, preparation.

You may not have seen her because she is disguised many ways to give you excuses not to take action.

Would you recognize her?

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