Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Who are you?

You are no one.

If you have worked for big brand names for years and then stepped out on your own for the first time, you will understand how we felt when we first started. You would know what we went through.

Throughout our careers, until we started our company, we had big brand names on our name cards. We have relied on the brands to open doors while building the brand and business as well. For us, we have been working with multinational agencies with the founders’ names on the doors. All of them legends and it was an honour and privilege to serve in these companies – LB, JWT, and DDB. The bosses and company culture in these companies made us who we are today. 

While working there, we relied on their brand names while we churned out good work for the clients. But once you are out on your own, no matter how good you are, you are no one. It’s ground zero again.

We used to joke; we were akin to zoo animals. The moment we started on our own, we were released into the wild. We needed to learn to hunt again or we would die. But that’s OK. 

It’s OK because you have experience building a reputation in the corporate world. Now you just need to build a reputation for your own company brand in the wild. You may not have every experience an entrepreneur needs, but you do have some relevant experience. These become your foundation to work with. Besides, if entrepreneurship is a skill then like any skill it can be learned and it can be perfected.

Welcome the wilderness. It provides you the challenges to see what you are made of. It will harden you to be the predator that you are.

Who would you become?

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