Monday, October 19, 2020

Will you remember?

Write it down.

You should know by now we are big proponents of writing it down. If you are the organized sort, it’s even better. You can systematize how you collect your information and file your ideas away. 

Some people feel it is a waste of time. We feel if it is not written down, it is not counted. Remember parking all your ideas aside? That is a good example of why you want to write all your ideas down. You can revisit them when you hit a wall. You can use them when you are going to attend a brainstorming session. It is especially useful when you need to see the areas of improvement that need attention. You can gain inspiration for new ideas that you can inject into the current operations from this file. Importantly as well, you can use this in your yearly planning process. 

We have written things down from years back that we only used and executed recently. Had we not written it down, we are quite sure we would have forgotten about it. Sometimes ideas are great but the conditions aren’t right yet. Having them written down helps the ideas resurface when the time is right. 

We have a list of books to buy and read. We even have a list of books we need to reread because we have forgotten the crucial ideas in them. Yes, we can read summaries online. But nothing beats flipping real pulp between your fingers and the discipline of sitting your ass down to read.

Writing things down is your knowledge centre. 

Have you built a reservoir?

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