Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Do you know your yes?

Your noes lead you to your yeses.

You must have the courage to say a lot of “noes” to a lot of opportunities, people, and prospects. Your commitment to your goals and ideals is often tested by your courage to say “no” to things that distract you. Seemingly good opportunities that can help pay the rent and more. It takes laser focus to know what you truly want and go after it.

Once you are seduced to walk down another path, your dreams will come to bite you in your ass. Learn to say “no” so you are clear on your pursuit of the kind of product, service, and company you want to build.

We are fully conscious of companies that have been built by saying a lot of “yeses” to all sorts of opportunities. In the early years of our company, we met a successful fellow SME boss. We asked him how he built a successful company like his? He told us he never turned down any opportunities because he was afraid no one would come to him anymore if he kept turning people down.

There you go. Another model that works.

You have to use your wisdom to make that choice between your “yes” and “no.”

Would you say no?

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