Thursday, October 1, 2020

Who’s calling?

Park time aside for productivity. You will be interrupted because you are a decision-maker. It took us a few years to learn this. Often, we would feel we need to be with the team, say yes to the client’s request for a meet, answer that email immediately all in the name of service.

Your eight-hour day gets torn into 15 minutes here and 45 minutes there. Soon eight hours becomes 15 hours of work. Before you know it even after 15 hours of work you have nothing to show.

We learned that parking time aside is important. Uninterrupted time where I get to write my opinions and papers. Even this book, time was parked aside for it. Time to be parked aside for Wan Hoon to complete checking the invoices and cost estimates before they go out. These are our important and productive work. Work that impacts the business very directly.

Friday mornings are generally parked aside for us to discuss operational and financial issues and plans. Uninterrupted. 

You need productive time.

What did you produce?

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