Monday, June 3, 2019

Is it difficult?

If you make it a habit, it doesn’t. Getting it to become a habit is where it is difficult. Beyond that, you get better at it and you don’t think about it.

Writing daily is difficult if it is not a habit. But once it becomes a habit and you know its purpose for you, it gets easier and easier.

I write because writing clarifies my thought. To write better, you need to read more. So that’s why I do what I do. We can all do with better thoughts and clearer articulation of those thoughts. We can do better to challenge ourselves on conventional thinking. Learning to answer better and more importantly, learning to ask better questions and to go beyond the obvious.

That’s what I set out to do when I started the blog, even when no one reads it. Today marks Raw Point’s 2000th blog. I started it in on February 14th, 2011 and have continued every working day of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It has taught me to win the daily fight with resistance. A fight that I still have daily and I do my best to win every day. That's the other reason I write.

How do you discipline your discipline?

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