Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Do you want to be productive?

Doing productive work means doing work that moves your business. It’s not the updating your social media bit, it’s not checking emails, it’s not signing off the documents. It’s really sitting down on the important stuff like strategizing where your new business will come from and a plan to tackle that. Think through the 3 things that you need to do first thing in the morning before anything else. Those 3 most important things will make it a productive day for you.

Do them before you are being sucked in by the tornado of daily urgent crisis created by incompetent people. If you did the 3 most important meaningful things first thing in the morning, over time you will see this productivity turn in a positive result. Busyness and productivity are very different things. Learn the difference to make a difference in your own personal life and to your own business.

Are you busy today?

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