Thursday, September 17, 2020

What do challenges do?

The more challenges you have the better. Your challenges are blessings. Blessed are those who are challenged for they shall be stronger and more creative.

Oh, you will hate it at first. But you will learn to accept it in a Zen sort of way. The moment you do, you have succeeded in one of the spirits of entrepreneurialism – overcoming challenges.

Challenges force you to be creative. They force you to be resourceful. We look back now and think how blessed we were to be with little money and having to think where and how to make it. How lucky we were to be without a writer and discover that we could write. How fortunate we were when we had to work overnights for many nights because we couldn’t afford a planner. We were forced to do planning ourselves and it sharpened our skills. We had no portfolio for Roar Point and we promised we would work hard to create a strong one.

Would you love some challenges?

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