Monday, September 28, 2020

Can you deliver?

Substance over matter. 

Far too often people try to take the shortcut. Everywhere we turn there is a “strategist”. Seems like most people want the word “strategist” behind their name whether they earned it or not. That’s a “stragedy”.

Wan Hoon and I have never had the word “strategist” behind our names. We have never carried any title that has the word “strategy” or “strategist” in it. But the plans we write, when executed correctly get the results the clients want and pay for.

We aren’t sure if we are great strategists. It’s not important. But only maturity can reveal that to you. Some people tend to focus on the sexy and the romantic.

If you are young now, work the hours, take the longer path or alternatively mature quickly. Learn that certain things like skills and knowledge take time. Building a solid product and service to sell is important.

You can be the most articulate guy in the world, but eventually, you will be evaluated on what you delivered.

What is in you?

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