Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How rich is your thinking?

There is a cab driver I often use to get me to the airport. He is a free agent. You have his number and you book him when you need him. 

In one of those trips to the airport we discussed about his business ‘model’. I was curious how he would handle his clientele when it gets larger? How does he handle conflicting schedules?

Turns out, he passes it to his friends when he cannot attend to his clients. Isn’t that risky? I mean after all, your friends now have access to your clients. His reply to me is that, he is not worried. He is not worried because no one can handle all the demands on their own. Eventually, even the most selfish driver will need someone to help them deliver the service. 

Got me thinking, if you have a mind of abundance it’s only a matter of time you will get rich. 

What is a loss?

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