Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What visa are you giving your consumers?

You will always hear from the noisy ones - the complainers, the whiners, the attention seekers – these three in fact make it sound like there are three million of them out there. And it makes you think the issue is a lot bigger than you perceived.

That’s the easy part. These people will find you. Before social media, they will track down your designation with a phone call, write the letter, put it in an envelope, go to the post office, lick a stamp, smack it on the envelope and shove it in a post box. That is if you are lucky.

Otherwise, the letter gets sent to “Letter to The Editor” in your favourite daily. That’s as social as it gets, then.

But what about the silent ones? You know those festering to tell you something, shout in your ears. But just too darn busy, too darn lazy, too darn wise to not let you know they are starting to dislike you. They are just waiting to be seduced by your competitor and then shut their door on you.

Yeah, I know. You have a Facebook page. You have a website. Great. But the silent ones are still out there not speaking.

What you don’t know may hurt you.

What’s your passport to their hearts?

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