Friday, February 17, 2012

Does it really matter?

The guy that cuts my hair took over a hair salon a few months ago. Alex is his own boss now. Ever since then I have gone to his salon 20 minutes drive away. Paying extra for toll.

A friend asked me why am I doing this? Is Alex really that good?

Alex does more than a decent job. But more importantly, I am there to honor his courage. We usually say “give support”. My friend said, one additional head isn’t going to save him if he doesn’t cut it as a businessman.

I don’t know if Alex will cut it as a businessman. Only time will tell. But I know he took a step in doing what he wants to do. And being there for him is important.

Does it matter if we sign a petition? Is your twenty ringgit for the victims of a certain disaster that big a deal? Is your silent prayer for a friend in need much in want? Exactly.

Does it have to matter?

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