Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When is it science?

Whatever line you are in, I am sure you will find some science in it. In the ad industry, many gurus propagate that it’s all art. Analysis leads to paralysis, they shout. But I suspect, a lot of it is because they see research as a way of curtailing their creativity.

Does it mean that I believe advertising is all science? Absolutely not. I believe there is a place for science as in the focus groups, the quantitative analysis, the statistical data that helps solidify a position one is taking. Be it a target market or an insight.

The art - if you would like to see it that way - comes when the message is crafted. 

I take inspiration from other fields. Doctors are very scientific people. But they hone their craft as they meet patients and treat people. Engineers too, science people. But the way they approach their challenge, that’s where the craft comes in. 

I once knew a famous food stylist – all art one would argue. But she told me one reason she is so good at her work is because she has a degree in chemistry.

That’s when the art sings. 

Whatever that you do, you need to know when science plays a part and when art flows in.

What is your craft?

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