Monday, February 27, 2012

Is your time worth more than mine?

Time is an interesting concept. Of course, if you ask someone who is dying, the answer can be yes her time is more important that yours. After all, her time is limited.

But so is all our time.

Recently, I witnessed a teleconference being postponed not once but twice by a manager with people in three countries. The first time, she had an “important ad hoc lunch meeting” to attend. Somehow an important meeting for a specific purpose over lunch did not seem more important than a teleconference set a week ago with people in three countries. But I won’t know. To me, it just smells of disrespect of other people’s time.

Then when the date and time for the teleconference came up again, the same manager wrote an urgent email to postpone it by 30 minutes this time. Another important meet that is taking place and she cannot exonerate herself from it. So, people in three countries makes adjustments again.

Why set a meeting date and time when it keeps getting pushed? Saving her 30 minutes wasted an hour and a half of people in three different countries that parked their time aside for her.

Why would your time be more expensive?

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