Friday, February 3, 2012

Is it just work?

When I used to have a lot of staff under me and I pushed them slightly harder or challenge them a little more for the elusive excellence, I get an oft used retort. It’s just work.

Well, is it?

It depends. It depends on what does work mean to you. It depends on what work delivers for you. Beyond money, bread on the table or that retirement by the beach, sipping coconut water in the late afternoons, beer before sunset and whatever else you choose to do by the beach.

If you have the same line all the time in your head, perhaps some questions will help you filter some junk you have up there.

What is your dream? How can you achieve them? Why aren’t you doing it yet? Why are you doing this? If not this, what? When aren’t you doing that?

Done? Now do it without the “ifs and buts”. Ifs and buts are nice escapes. Get out of jail free card. If you do that, you will forever be blaming people and situations.

Start taking responsibility. Stop dragging people down. Stop torturing the rest of us who feels there is a meaning to work, whether we like our work or not.

Get out. Really.

How are you justifying your position?

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