Friday, February 24, 2012

How about a “Loyal” button?

Almost every friend in the marketing world is obsessed with the Facebook “Like “ button. I am not such a big fan. Well, do I like to have a lot of “Like” on my company’s Facebook page, well, of course. But I am not obsessed with it.

There are many reasons to the like and I would like to know that the likes are for a good reason that my brand stands for. I suspect, my friends who are obsessed about the “Like” button on Facebook is confusing it with loyalty.

A “Like” on Facebook does not equate loyalty. Eventually, we all want to have brand loyal users. But a like is hardly that.

As marketers we need to distinguish which came first – I am loyal to you hence I like you OR I like you hence I will be loyal to you? One is a cause another is the effect. Let’s not confuse the two.

Besides, why I like you and why you MAY think I like you are also totally different.
Which renders the number of “Likes” information almost useless. Unless, you know the “why”.

Can loyalty be quantified?

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