Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do you carry a sales title?

I pity my colleagues in the marketing department over at my client’s end. When some things do not sell well, they become the firing board. 

You did not support it with ads. Your advertising sucks. You did not put enough budgets in it. You bought the wrong media. On and on, the sales team will fire their tirade. 

In a very sales oriented organization where the sales people make the call, that’s what happens. But some times, I feel the sales people should know when marketing ends and when sales begin.

If everything is marketing’s fault, then where is sale’s responsibility? Sales need to pitch at the very least with the wholesalers and distributors. You need to make sure the relationship is there to push your brand. Above and beyond what advertising can do. Just taking orders and listing in doesn’t count as selling. 

Selling involves the transfer of feelings. The transfer of feelings of your brand to the wholesaler or the retailer (whatever the case maybe). The detailing of what is so miraculous about your brand to whoever is in turn sells your brand to the end-user. That’s your job.

What’s selling to you?

When was the last time you sold something?

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