Friday, January 10, 2020

Where is the result?

Brand building is a little like body building. But not many people are familiar with building muscles. So I would liken it to going to school. 

You don’t become a university graduate overnight and in a speedy fashion. You do it bit by bit and what you can. So you go to kindergarten and you learn your ABCs. Then you learn to read short phrases like “This is an apple.” Then longer sentences, then paragraphs and short essays and eventually a book. You make mistakes, you fail, you face setbacks.
You small actions in getting an education gets compounded day by day.

It’s the same with brand building. Take small steps and start somewhere. Don’t have a big budget? Do what you can. In this case, something IS better than nothing. But keep it consistent. Keep doing and eventually your actions compounds on itself. You will see results.

How long can you wait?

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