Monday, November 2, 2015

Are you a leader?

There was a time when I delved so deeply into what makes a manager and what makes a leader.

I don’t anymore

That’s not to say there is no merit in knowing some of the purported differences. Know what you need to know then move on and be what you need to be.

If you believe leadership is a skill, then it can be learned. The trenches will teach you more. If you believe it is a trait, either you rejoice because you have it or you give up and blame your genes.

Know this though; you can’t do it alone in the working world. And this too, you have to be an integral member of your team; meaning contribute and make a difference. 

When you know those, will it still matter if you are known as a good leader or a good manager? People will just be happy to work with you and around you.

Will it make a huge difference?

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