Tuesday, September 19, 2023

When should you think?

Take time to think. The relentless pace of business drowns you if you do not give yourself time to float above all the daily mud around you. These moments of reflection offer invaluable clarity and strategic vision. Bill Gates, during his tenure at Microsoft, would famously take "Think Weeks," isolating himself to ponder future industry shifts and innovation. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg's annual "personal challenge" serves as a reflective exercise that led to the development of significant Facebook features. These CEOs understand that stepping back from daily operations allows for fresh perspectives, fostering innovation, and ensuring a company's long-term success.

"Working on the business, not in the business" is a common adage. But to work on the business, first you need to float. To float, you need to give yourself some space and some time.

When is the right time?

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