Thursday, April 26, 2012

How extraordinary does your brand want to be?

Doing ordinary things to achieve a great brand, is there really such a thing? 

Every other prospect we meet seems to want us to develop that one killer marketing idea for them. So that their brand can become the next great brand. But great brands do not all become great by doing extraordinary things all the time. In fact, they do ordinary things extraordinarily well. 

Really, look at your marketing plans now. If you are launching a product do you have everything buttoned down? Your distribution strategy is in line with your goals and target consumers. Bare basics, you would say. But you will be surprised how many marketers out there that does not even get this right. 

They seem to think, I just need to get this onto the shelves, buy some ad space then my brand will fly. Nope, doesn’t work that way.

Go back to the ordinary things. Like getting your distribution strategy, your pricing, your brand positioning right. 

Sometimes, great things happen to your brand because you do ordinary things extraordinarily well. 

What’s your definition of ordinary?

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