Wednesday, April 17, 2019

You think they will let you live?

Many small brands like to think they will lie low so as not to awaken the giants. I have even heard many times that they do not want to advertise because they don’t want the main players to focus on them. They don’t want to be crushed.

The thinking is that once the main players see you as the competitor, they will come after you. Seems logical. Seems.

When brands grow, they will recruit all the new users. Eventually, everyone will be a user and the potential market size growth from new users will be gone. Then they will come after current users. When they come after current users, do you think they will come after a stronger brand’s users or a weaker brand’s user?

Wake up. The giant is already awake. She knows where you are. Striking you is a matter of time and place of her choosing. That time frame between her inaction and her striking is when you need to grow as strong as possible.

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Did I wake you up?

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