Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What’s wrong with you handling the brand?

There is nothing wrong for so long as you know you have to be loyal to the brand. By that it means you need to think about the people who are having a real relationship with the brand. Often times, you call these your consumers. Some times to make the terms sexy you may call them fans, or advocates.

The challenge for you is to keep your personal interests, hobbies, fears, love and whatever else you as a brand manager or a product manager or a marketing manager out of the equation. 

Tough. We know. We have the same challenge. But collectively we have to stay out.

Otherwise, we end up doing communications for us. You end up with a marketing plan selling to yourself.

You are here to forge the relationship between your brand and your consumers. To be the best matchmaker ever, you have to try to understand both parties.

What clarity have you gained today?

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