Friday, March 11, 2011

What is the quality of your offering?

You can add some style into what you do. People like beautiful things. But when you assume your consumers do not understand, you underestimate them. Insult them even.

Just because they do not have taste in your Klang Valley sort of manner doesn’t mean they do not think that an iPhone is cool. They still do. This leads you to a question. What is style to these people?

Sure there are rules in what we do be it retail advertising or a brand ad or an advertorial. But the moment we stop to challenge it and ask how can we add style, soon some day someone will come and add style to it and you would have lost the competitive advantage.

Just as much as making it lasts – aka quality, it’s about making a real effort to make it look good too.

Where can you add some style today?

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