Monday, March 7, 2011

How simple are your promotion mechanics?

The whole idea behind a promotion is to increase sales and put in some excitement into your brand. But sometimes people who come up with promotion mechanics get carried away. Either they have not been a consumer for so long or they hide in their marketing and advertising tower smoking whatever they smoke and drinking whatever they drink, they forget, they forget consumers want it to be simple. As. Simple. As. Possible.

There are too many things in their lives. Besides, the attention you want from them? Two dozen other brands want it too. So, uncomplicate it for people who buy you.

Don’t make them jump through hoops, run through a fire, chant some tribal song and yell your brand name out loud.

When you do that it is tough to communicate it. There are only so many ways your agency can say jump through hoops, run through the fire, you get the idea.

Keep it to single tier will you? Keep the prizes simple will you? Not for your agency’s sake. For your consumer’s sake.

What are you revising today?

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