Friday, March 4, 2011

Does your brand suffer from multiple personality disorder?

Ever so often you need to be a little careful with your brand’s personality.

You know those of us in advertising and marketing so like to define our brand’s personality as if it were human. Nothing wrong with it. Do not disagree with it. In fact, I am quite fond of it too.

A well defined brand personality, tone and manner help humanize the brand. Gives the communication some form of parameters to move. Ensures the consumers know how to relate to it. Even helps attracts the type of consumers we are coveting.

Only challenge is for those who have a hand in defining the brand’s personality, and also tone and manner, to every now and then remind yourself to have some fun. Dig a little deeper, see a little clearer.

See if you have succinctly defined your brand’s personality. Or even in its tone and manner.

A brand’s personality written like a laundry list like this - credible, fun, creative, honest, trustworthy, innovative, trendy, modern, down-to-earth, classic, authoritative, serious…” and the list goes on (Thanks, Yee Thong)  - is probably done by a committee too afraid to offend each other. Or someone who is too chicken to commit. That being the case, your brand may need psychiatric help. 

Because some of these words do not reside in the same orbit. If they do, they clash. When they clash, your brand becomes psychotic. 

What can you diagnose today?

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