Thursday, March 31, 2011

How can you fight project burnout?

You work on the brand day-in day-out -- whether you are on the agency side or the client side. Sure, there will be days when you feel burned out. How do you overcome project burnout?

Be practical. There is only so much you can do in a day. There is no need to put too much into a day. Your craft needs artistic juice. Those juice needs space and time and energy. So, be practical with what you can do.

Inspiration from perspiration. This sounds like it is contradicting from the earlier advice. It is not. Sometimes you will get so bogged down that you freeze. You do nothing. In such cases, start doing. As you act upon a project it starts to gain momentum and therein lays inspiration. It’s like when you are lazy to exercise. Once you start moving, the laziness dies.

Love the sales people. They put a new perspective into things. After all, your marketing strategies rely on them. They are the foot soldiers in your grand plans. There is a lot to learn from them and their opinions. No matter how stupid and short term thinking you think they are.

One-step from now. Do just ONE thing. One next step. What is the ONE next step that takes you closer to you completing your project. Do that first. In the exercise example, if you feel lazy or listless, what is the one next thing that will bring you closer to exercising? Get out the door. Then what is the one next thing? Put on your running shoes. So on and so forth. That’s how you focus on ONE next thing.

What's your immediate next step? 

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