Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Would you still insist on the headline?

If your salary depended on it? If your cash flow depended on it? It is so easy to hide behind the pillar of a paycheck and push it to the account management (or servicing people). And say, “You idiots, you can’t sell for nuts.”

Today. Today if you became a freelancer. Or started your own company, would you still say this is the best damn headline for the brand?

The lesson for everyone is this:
There is a value attached for every belief you champion. It has to be backed by action, passion and whatever you throw behind it. That belief becomes more believable to the rest of us if you have a lot to lose. Much more than what you stand to gain if you got your way. 

You want people to believe you? Show them that you have a lot to lose and nothing to gain when they follow your way.

What’s backing your recommendation today?

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