Friday, November 5, 2021

Where is the leak?

The sales funnel or purchase funnel that you use has various names. It has various stages too. Depending on which model you use; some has a longer journey, some lesser. Most of the time you will be tempted to fix the bottom of the funnel. After all, that is where the sales come in. But often times, the most strategic thing to do for your brand is to fix the largest leakage.

Fixing the leakage can only happen when you have a customized funnel that suits your brand and category. Do research on your consumers which you will inevitably cover your competitors too, then calculate where the “leakage” is. Then fix the part with the largest leakage. It may well be it’s the purchase stage that has the biggest leakage. But you will be surprised often times the leakage is somewhere else.

Are you fixing the right spot?

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