Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How much paracetamol have you taken?

When your business is in dire straits, it is difficult to get you to look into your strategy. You are looking for symptomatic relief. No one can blame you. But you need to have the wisdom and awareness to know when these symptomatic relief tactics need to stop.

Sure, that sales funnel strategist (I want to say “tactician” but they like to be known as “strategist”, so “strategist” it is) can bring you the sales for a while. It will create the hubris for a while and you will think all is fine. Then the sales dwindle again. Then the email marketing strategist (yes, they too want to be known as “strategist”) will come and your sales will be boosted again. Then slide again.

Your fundamental issue is a strategy issue. Not a tactical one. Going on to fix your tactical issues isn’t going to fix your problem. Contrary to what you think, it isn’t buying you time. It is wasting your time.

You are better off biting the bullet. Face the pain and fix the real problem. Diagnose with certainty. Strategize with clarity. Then implement with conviction.

Are you looking for symptomatic relief?

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