Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Where do you want to go?

Strategy is a bastardised word. So many people use it so loosely that even when they are discussing tactics, they think it is strategy.

The beginning of strategy is actually vision. Or objective when you think about it on a smaller scale. Strategy is then the plan to get there. This plan when divided into its various elements is the tactics. You can’t have a strategy if you do not have a vision or an objective.

Set a clear end point. Make it SMART. Then use strategy as the oath to get there.

Vision (or goals or objective if you like) should drive strategy and strategy in turn drives the tactics. Not the other way around. It is obvious. However, in real practice we often don’t see it happening.

A few reasons for this. Firstly, deploying tactics is simple. The act of doing something makes one feels that a strategy is in place.

Two, there is a lack of understanding what a strategy is and the difference between tactics and strategy. This loops you back to one.

Three, the focus on the short term. It takes time to run elements in a strategy in an integrated fashion. These take time to see results. Most people don’t have the vision to see further.

How will you get there?

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