Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How big is your net?

Sales can only happen when there is a face-to-face between your brand and your consumer. It can be your online shop or it can be your in-store promoter. But that exchange of cash and goods can only happen when both meet.

To ensure that they meet, you need a sales funnel. Yes, it all sounds salesy and gimmicky to the branding purist out there. But it’s not. It all starts with getting the most number of people to know about the brand and be interested in it. And there is countless number of ways. Of course, you evaluate who are the most relevant consumers and what are the most optimum media to use (ok fine, integrated marketing communications). You use each to create a stream of consumers to meet your brand. Then the sales action can take place. If you don’t funnel them to where your brand is – how will the sales take place?

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