Monday, June 4, 2012

Who’s not paying attention to you?

I love numbers. I just don’t do math exams very well. But numbers help you have some form of science to support the decisions you make.

So when you speak to marketers who are preparing to take on a new market the conventional wisdom is that you look at who consumes most of the category. The heavy users, then you decide on your marketing plan.

Perhaps we should not have so much of an obsession with heavy users? You can bet that segment is crowded already with top players and marketing muscles. Maybe you should like at non-users. Find out what are the barriers to entry. Who are the fence sitters in this non-users category? What can convince them?

Maybe it is worthwhile to invest behind some innovation that can seduce these non-consumers into your category. You would have created a new market, maybe even a new brand to market to this category.

Who are you not paying attention to?

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