Friday, June 1, 2012

Are you smart enough to time the market?

We were discussing with a client the other day on how most of his competitors are comfortable to take a wait and see attitude. The prevalent trend in the industry is to wait for someone to create an innovation, launch and educate the market before they will enter the market.

Conquer versus create.

Not a bad strategy. Let someone create a comfortable marketplace for you before you go in to grab market share or spend less on educating the market. But the challenge is this, you need to time it just right. A brand that is willing to enter virgin territory is willing to risk being rejected. So, people like my client do their best and take the risks. If they fail, they accept it.

I suspect, the rest who waits at the sidelines may not have that type of appetite for risk. So, sitting and timing the right time to enter has the same risk (if not more) as well. Time it too early the risk is the same as the innovator. Time it too late, you lose the advantage of being one of the earliest brands in the market.

Is the market waiting for you?

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