Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who’s making a list?

There will always be opportunities to look smarter in front of your colleagues. It is fine to look smarter or position yourself to be more intelligent than others. But do not do it at the price of insulting another person. Even if that person reports to you. 

Putting someone down doesn’t add to your intelligence. There are other metrics people measure your competence at work. Being nice is one of them.

I have heard so often from the office assholes that they are paid to do the job. They aren’t paid to be nice. Funny. No one paid them to be a nice daughter. A nice student. A nice citizen. No one paid them to order their food nicely. No one told them to speak nicely to the police who have just pulled them over. But they do.

Why park your niceties at the door while at work?

Here is a better option – illuminate not humiliate. Teach don’t torture.

Who’s telling you why?

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