Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When do you pick a fight?

How often is it that you get to have a good argument with a client and still share a beer together after that? We have not had that for a long while. Perhaps we are to be blame. Maybe it is huge client egos now-a-days.

The nice professional clients who can hold a debate, argue professionally and be intellectually stimulating are far and in-between. 

Last week, we had a good argument with a client of ours. We put forth our points and he put forward his. We did not agree to all. But we were clearer. He even offered to buy us dinner since the meeting went into the night (yeah, I know you are envious.)

Not all clarity comes from brainstorms. Gaining clarity from clutter can come from arguments, debates and fights (well, sparring maybe a better word here.)

Who’s your sparring partner?

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