Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is it dead yet?

Every other day we hear declarations about mediums and media that are dead. The TV is dead, the print is dead, blogging is dead, email marketing is dead, advertising is dead (how many times have we heard that?)

Some media dies every day.

So, what’s the definition of dead? When and who has the authority to declare a medium or media dead?

Your consumer and your accountant. They are the ones with the authority to declare to you that a particular media is dead. When your consumer stops using that media? It’s dead. It may very well be a thriving media but to you it’s dead.

When your accountant says the investment no longer brings in the same or more ROI as before? It’s dead. The media company may be making a healthy profit every quarter. But to you? It’s dead.

When is it alive?

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