Friday, June 22, 2012

What should you say?

If you are invited to a meet and you feel you have nothing better to add in the meet? Asked to be excused. People will respect that.

Refrain from going into a meet and struggle to sound smart. Pressured to say something so you do not appear as the only person not saying anything. And if you are in a meet, not adding value then you are better off outside doing real work.

The thing is, saying something can be saying nothing. Especially, when you are just parroting – you know take something someone else said and add a few lines of yours.

Or worse, use some of the management sound bites that mean nothing at the end of the sentence. But you think you sound damn smart. You know, the “We just did a SWOT analysis on this. If we go ahead we will not get a good ROI. We have to think outside the box. Create a Blue Ocean strategy. Then it becomes win-win. Net, net, we need to strategize more, go back to the drawing board and be data-driven.”

You want your presence felt? Say something that truly adds value.

When’s your next meeting?

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