Monday, May 21, 2012

Where are you unexpected?

We told our book distributors that we much rather not sell our book in a bookstore. It’s the worst place to sell a book. Imagine trying to stand out in a million other books. But their book distribution ‘system’ does not allow them to distribute to places where our book would stand out. OK, maybe next time we will plan better.

Most time marketers like to think in numbers. Don’t get us wrong, we like numbers too. But there is a time when numbers may not work. If you are targeting tourists, the obvious place are tourist spots. But that’s where a gamut of other brands who wants a slice of this fresh meat will be. Getting their attention will be difficult.

Better yet think of unexpected places where your consumers will least expect you. Best if the places you appear are in the context of the brand beliefs you try to propagate.

Yeah, we know it’s difficult.

When are you appearing?

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