Thursday, May 17, 2012

When is it time to let go?

There is a time to let go. Peacefully and with equanimity.

Like when the oncologist is no longer interested in your astronomical CEA score because you are now on your third line of defense.

Or when 95 year old grandpa who has always been healthy is warded for breathing difficulties and couldn’t speak. He wrote on a piece of paper in the hospital, “Let’s go home.” He probably knew and he was ready to let go.

And when the first car you bought when you started working costs more to upkeep than getting a new one.

Perhaps, also consider letting go that billboard close to your office you have occupied for the past 5 years because the media owner is increasing the price. You don’t know the results it has brought. There are better opportunities out there with the same amount of money. If you choose to keep it, perhaps you are hanging on to things you need to let go off.

You can measure the cost of the billboard. But that’s not the real cost to your brand.

Attachment breeds suffering.

Is your brand suffering because of you?

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